Sara Cowlan, MS, RD, CDN

Sara has been in practice for over 20 years, counseling women and men that feel very accomplished in their lives but they battle with their weight and sometimes health issues. They know what they think they “should be” doing but struggle to make a permanent change. I have learned in my practice and research supports, diets do not work. They stress our body (which increases appetite!), lower our metabolism (which contributes to weight gain!) and evoke feelings of failure and defeat as many blame themselves for their struggle.

“I believe that health begins with self-compassion, mindful and intuitive eating and enjoyable movement.”

By working with people step by step to guide them to reconnect with their bodies, hunger, and fullness and to discover their food likes and dislikes, we will work together to create a sustainable plan for change.

My practice focuses on

Mindful Eating

A practice to eat with awareness and enjoyment and without judgment or criticism.

This sounds like a no-brainer yet so many of us do not have mindful eating experiences and this often leaves us unsatisfied and anxious and wanting more.

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Heart Health

We know that food and nutrition can support a healthy heart in managing blood pressure and cholesterol. I like to focus on the foods that support this and what to eat more of instead of what not to have!

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Disordered Eating

May be defined as a wide range of abnormal eating behaviors that many people experience but with increased severity can become an Eating Disorder.  Symptoms include binge eating, dieting, skipping meals, self-induced vomiting, laxative abuse, obsessive exercise and obsessive stress around food choices. In exploring our thoughts and beliefs around food, we can move away from these and move toward more natural and attuned eating.

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