About Sara Cowlan


I came to my profession after years in marketing that involved taking people to lunch. As much as I enjoyed lunch, I wanted to switch gears and returned to school to receive a Masters from New York University in Nutrition and Physical Fitness. I began my work specializing in HIV/AIDS at the Gouverneur Outpatient Clinic, Bellevue Hospital and the Village Center for Care before setting up my private practice.

When I first started my private practice people often came to me asking for diets for weight loss and I provided them with what they asked for. But as time passed, I became uncomfortable with this and began to explore alternative ways to guide them as most changes were only temporary.

• I believe that in learning to become intuitive and mindful eaters we can connect to our food preferences, experience our internal cues for hunger and fullness and make peace with food. Current research supports this approach to both physical and emotional health.

• I can work with you and guide and support you in reconnecting to and trusting your body again.

• I also believe in Health at Every Size (HAES) as our weight does not dictate our health or who we are.

Please contact me below or call me at 917-574-5726.