About Sara Cowlan

saraI have over 20 years’ experience in a broad range of settings as a registered dietitian. As my practice has evolved I find many of my clients struggling with diets that take them away from their enjoyment of food instead of getting them more in tune with their basic needs. Many know a lot about nutrition but find themselves stuck trying to make changes or make choices they are later unhappy with.

My approach is to meet my clients where they are in their relationship with food. This may involve struggling with an eating disorder, body image issues or many health issues that are related to food management.

”Together, we create healthy changes in both diet and lifestyle that can be sustained so that you may learn to become a natural and confident eater.“

I came to my profession after years in marketing that involved taking people to lunch.  I wanted to switch gears and returned to school and received a Masters from NYU in Nutrition and Physical Fitness.  I began my work specializing in HIV/AIDS  at the Governor Outpatient Clinic, Bellevue Hospital and the Village Center for Care for 8 years before setting up my private practice.